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Why Education?

For all the young people out there,

Wrestling with math? Bored with History? Succumbing under Grammar?
I Understand.

I've been there.

And  I had this question: How will Geometry/ Calculus help me as an adult? What if I never became an engineer or a scientist?

You might think I'm crazy but, here's the thing: Algebra is teaching us more than a(b+c) = ab +ac. Really.

Math is  teaching us to think. My guess is that most of us will probably never use all of those complicated equations... But with Geometry, we are learning to think deductively. We can train our mind to learn. To fix our attention. Learn what we need for life.
Learn from the circumstances and from the people around us.

This brings me to "boring" history. I personally love history, it is my favorite subject. But it is more than "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue". We are looking at men's and women's lives. Their successes and mistakes. We can learn from those mistakes, and not make them ourselves. Their successes can inspire us.  Most important we are looking at God's work through history. It is His Story, anyway. As we see how He has controlled circumstances, we can know Him and trust Him mor.  If we pay attention.

Now Grammar is teaching us more than nouns and verbs. We learn to express ourselves in a proper manner. To sort out what we need to say and to say it right! As Christians, grammar is a big help. God wants us to spread the Gospel and writing is a pretty good way to do it. Writing can and has changed lives! It has moved people to trust Christ as their savior. Take C.S. Lewis. He had clearly a way with words and God has used his "Mere Christianity" to bring many people to Christ.

Shall I continue?

Well, ok, just one more point.

School work is setting habits. I mean... if we let it. I guess it is our own choice if we want to work hard and well.  If we work hard and do whatever we have to do to the best of our abilities, we are setting a standard...for life.
If you are young lady, consider how will this help you as a mom, as a wife.
Look at Proverbs 31:10-31. There's a hard working woman! And "her price is far above rubies".
If you are a young man, consider how this will help to provide for your future family.
Take a look at Proverbs 6:1-11.

 If we develop the talents God has given us, He will use those talents for His glory.

So keep your head up. Pray to God for wisdom and strength.

Have a good day!


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