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This is a description I wrote for English Class. I hope, it gives away the right connotation: majesty. 

The road to Monterrey extends for miles and miles, until it disappears into the skirts of the great mountains that look upon anything that roams earth with kingly superiority. The Sierra Madre Oriental lines the orange horizon. Because of its height, it appears to be close, but after an hour of travel, it still sits far away. The plains that stand below, at the mercy of the mountains, extend as wings from the road. As guards, dark slender trees with spiny heads stand scattered along the plain among the golden grass. The sun, already hidden from sight, seems to have set the plains beyond on smokeless fire. The flames dissolve into a blue that darkens with altitude until, at last, disappears in the blanket of clouds. And the sky, which carries the flag, crowns the mountains in their glory.