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A New Year

A New Year Has Come
                        by Natalia Santana

A new year is here,
An old year has gone.
Of all of its memoirs
Laughter has come.

But not only smiles
We remember this night,
Come the fears and the tears,
That raged with great might.

A plea to do better,
A cry to have done
Now things out of reach
The "new" year has gone.

Has God really promised
A new day will come?
As time dashes by
It sings his wee song.

"Approaching am I,
God's servant to open
The doors to the needy,
To hearts that have broken
They need love, I have spoken."

So a new year is here
Full of God's grace
And challenges to face
A year to enjoy with those dear
And to love those that are near
Happy New Year!